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About company

Public joint-stock company "food company "Yasen" has two mine sites, which vary with output. Industrial site No. 1, located at. Chernigov street Borisenko, 41A, consists of shop biscuits, wafers, soft drinks plant, marshmallow, gummy, shop fructofuranoside, shop for manufactured confectionery. Industrial site No. 2, located at the city of Chernigov St. Kievskaya, 58, consists of gingerbread-mayonnaise shop. The Chairman of the Board since August 1983, is a Yasko Anatoliy G. In 2008 Yasko Anatoliy Grigorovich became Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Chairman of the Board of management was Popelo Andrey Vladimirovich.

The history of PJSC "YASEN" has over 64 years. Immediately after the war in 1946, was commissioned a food factory, which supplied their products only to the city of Chernihiv. Somewhat later he acquired the status of a food factory, rental company, and since December 1995 – joint-stock company for the production of foodstuffs "YASEN". In 2009 it became a Public joint stock company.

Until 1993, the plant was part of the regional enterprises of foodstuffs. Net profit of the enterprise and prizes for the achieved parameters were determined by the regional Department of the Association. Under this system, the distribution could not be and speeches about the reconstruction or retooling of production. At the initiative of the plant Manager and his team had to plead with the regional office, not yet out of the Association. The team was supported by the Director, the company became independent. Now in the society of the reformed laboratory, departments of the chief technologist, routine and created new commercial and brand trade.

Thanks to the coordinated work of collective of JSC "YASEN" is one of the best 360 among related companies.

Since 2001, the company's products are produced under the trademarks "Yasen", "Ostrich" and "Kondissima".

Confirmation of the high quality and competitiveness of products of JSC "YASEN" are the numerous awards, medals and diplomas at exhibitions and competitions – tastings food producers in Ukraine and abroad. Throughout its history, the company has won over 50 major awards in national and international exhibitions and competitions.