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About company

ADDITIONAL LIABILITY COMPANY «FOOD COMPANY «YASEN» - a famous national producer of confectionery, non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, grocery of horseradish, mustard, mayonnaise.  

History of ALC «YASEN» has more than 70 years. Right after the War in 1946 a food combine was commissioned, and provided with its products only the city of Chernihiv. A bit later, it has acquired the status of foodstuff factory, then leasing company, and at the beginning of 1995 – OPENED COMPANY OF THE PRODUCTION OF FOODSTUFFS «YASEN».

In the August, 2009 it has become PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY, and since the March 31, 2017 was reorganized by changing to ADDITIONAL LIABILITY COMPANY «FOOD COMPANY «YASEN».

The company unites seven workshops on two production territories in Chernihiv:

production workshop of marshmallows, biscuits, waffles, marmalade, non-alcoholic beverages, gingerbreads, mayonnaise.

 Products of ALC «YASEN» are made under the patented trademarks:

TM «Kondissima» - confectionery;

TM «YASEN» - mayonnaise, grocery;

TM «OSTRECH» - sweet non-alcoholic beverages;

TM «Yasenivska» - potable water,

that are widely known both in Ukraine and abroad - in the Baltic States, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Romania.


ALC «YASEN» constantly inculcates investments in production technology, hardware updates – thereof in 2014 its own water supply well was put into exploitation for the production of potable and mineral water. All innovations were certified by ISO.

The enterprise has quality certificate of the management system ISO 9001, certificate of the management system of food safety HACCP that orients the enterprise on the new world terms of production.

Due to the high quality and competitiveness of the products of ALC «YASEN»  there are a lot of awards – medals and diplomas obtained on exhibition-fairs and degustation-contests of the food producers in Ukraine and abroad.

In its history, the company has won more than 50 major prizes at domestic and international exhibitions and contests.

Our motto:

«Change for better together!

Today won’t be like yesterday.

Tomorrow won’t be like today.

We are not selling just a product,

We are selling the delight from the purchase!»


Cooperation is welcome!